Tuesday, October 18 10:00 am, (EST) Jim Snavely, WBTX Radio

Thursday , October 27, 9-10 am, Katy Daley Show on WAMU's Bluegrass Country

October 30, 2017, Sunday
 WAMU's Bluegrass Country Open House
 1-4 pm
Washington, DC

Nov 4, 2016, Friday
WSM 650 Morning Show
Nashville, TN
8:30 a.m.
Live interview and show

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Featured single....."Something About A Train" has a memorable melody and colorful lyrics. It’s fun to sing – it actually sings itself – and is a pleasure to perform,” Smith said.

  • Something About A Train0:44
  • Small Town Heroes0:25
  • Lil' Liza Jane0:35
  • Bottle of Tears0:25
  • So Long, Lindytown0:22
  • Winter's Dream0:24
  • Bluegrass Dollars0:22
  • I Took Mama to the Opry0:16
  • Farmer's Prayer0:20
  • Wall Street0:22
  • Wayfaring Stranger0:22
  • Bessie's Tune0:21

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